Criminal Law is the body of standards and rules that apply to unlawful behavior and criminal activities. When an individual or a law enforcement officer fails to obey a criminal law set by the government, he or she is involved in unlawful acts. In the United States, criminal law is a system of norms that dictate how criminals should be dealt with and penalized. In this article, we’ll look at the criminal statutes in Torrance, California, the concepts behind them, and the punishment for breaking them.

Criminal Law in Torrance

What is the concept behind Criminal Law in Torrance, CA?

The judicial system and criminal law are established on a variety of concepts and theories. The fundamental objective or the concept behind the criminal law is to prevent wrongdoing, teach the offender, impose sanctions and restitution for the violent act, and avoid future transgressions. Criminal law defends residents from criminals who would harm others physically or steal their property and valuable assets. Many criminal laws are meant to punish those who steal possessions because the property is extremely important in capitalist America.

Crime Statistics in Torrance, CA

The crime data statistics indicated that Torrance, California had 3,272 crimes recorded annually, including 278 violent crimes and 2,994 property crimes. The statistics of violent crimes in Torrance include 124 assaults, 44 rape cases, 3 murder cases, and 107 robbery incidents.

The property crime data include 403 Burglary cases, 2,085 theft, and 506 motor vehicle thefts. During a standard year, the crime rate in Torrance is 26.05 per 1,000 residents. Inhabitants of Torrance often consider the city’s southeast region to be the safest. In Torrance, the chances of becoming a victim of crime or violence are as high as 1 in 25 in the northeast areas and as low as 1 in 54 in the southeast.

Criminal Law in Torrance, CA

  • Aggravated Assault Laws

 Aggravated assault can be defined as a definite intent to cause serious physical harm to another person without any probable cause. In other terms, an assault case becomes aggravated if it is evident that the offender planned to do serious injury to the victim while endangering his or her life.

  • California Penal Code Section 245 

According to California Penal Code Section 245, a complaint of aggravated assault can be filed against someone if the crime was committed with a firearm or another type of deadly weapon. In Torrance, California, aggravated assault is a felony involving an attempt to kill, rob, assassinate, rape, or attack with a lethal or dangerous weapon.

What are the punishments for Aggravated Assault?

In Torrance, California, aggravated assault can be charged as a felony or a misdemeanor depending on the context and situation. Following are the penalties for aggravated assault.

  • Probation
  • A one-year jail sentence
  • Restitution
  • The weapon is seized (if it is possessed by the convicted person)
  • Anger Management training and/or community service may be required.

How to fight back for your rights?

A serious criminal charge, such as aggravated assault, can be highly stressful because your identity, career, and self-respect are at stake; the verdict of your case decides your entire future. When you’re alone, such a stressful situation can confuse you, leaving you puzzled about what to do and how to react.

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