The following was taken from Brian Dunn’s radio show “A Nation Divided”, which is aired live every Saturday at 4 pm Pacific Time on 790 KABC.

Brian Dunn: We are KABC talk radio seven-ninety, you are listening to A Nation Divided where explore issues that are coming between the cultural fabric of our nation, with an eye towards how we can tear down the walls that separate us. Specifically now we’re talking about one of the most cutting edge issues and that is the concept of a criminal prosecution involving a law enforcement officer.

And most of the time the DA will simply neglect to prosecute these cases. And there’s several reasons for that, and we’re gonna talk about the political reasons on the one hand. But on another hand, it has been very difficult to get jurors, just the average individual that’s signed up for jury duty to come back with guilty verdicts no matter what the circumstances are. And even though we have videos, we’ve seen this happen twenty something years ago in the Simi Valley situation with Rodney King. But we’ve seen it happen in other ways. Tell us about what really happened with Walter Scott.

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