The following was taken from Brian Dunn’s radio show “A Nation Divided”, which is aired live every Saturday at 4 pm Pacific Time on 790 KABC.

Brian Dunn: We are KABC talk radio seven-ninety, you are listening to A Nation Divided, I am Brian Dunn. On this show we handled cutting edge issues that draw wedges between ourselves as Americans, and we seek through this show to tear down the walls that separate us as Americans. Today we’re going to be handling a cutting edge issue that has certainly fit the bill of dividing our country.

And specifically that issue is criminal prosecutions of law enforcement officers that arise out of uses of force in the line of duty. We are once again blessed to have Megan Johndras in the studio.

As I am fond of saying, “There are those that say, and there are those that do. There are those that talk, and there are those that do.” I have seen first hand that Megan Johndras is definitely, firmly, in the category of one who does. We have worked on literally dozens of cases together in which we have collaborated.

She is without question the smartest attorney that I have ever, ever had the pleasure of working with, and her commitment to social justice remains steady. Thank you for being here Megan.

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