Elder abuse is a pervasive, global problem, with a prevalence rate of 5- 10% in the overall population of older adults in the United States. Elder abuse is mostly committed by a family member, neighbor, friend, guardian, and a staff member at a long-term treatment or healthcare facility. Ignorance, mental torture, and financial abuse are the most prevalent kinds of elder abuse, whereas physical violence and sexual assault are less prevalent. Elder abuse is more prominent in older adults with dementia or other cognitive problems, with nearly five times the incidence reported in older people without dementia. In this article, we will talk about elder abuse in Burbank, California, its complications, and the Cochran firm assistance in protecting elder citizens.

In Burbank, California, the offenders misuse the assets and the property of the elder people in society for their benefit. You might be surprised to hear that the Burbank city of California does not have a single law for elder abuse; there are many elder abuse laws and standards. Under elder abuse standards, you could be penalized with several charges, including:

  • Financial Abuse
  • Emotional distress
  • Physical abuse or violence
  • Neglect
  • Sexual Abuse

This indicates that, based on the circumstances and the intensity of your case along with your previous criminal records, the court may charge you with a felony or a misdemeanor. Keep in mind that you’ll be facing more than just legal consequences. If you work as a caretaker or in the healthcare profession and are accused of elder abuse, you will most likely damage your reputation and lose your job.

Elder abuse must be recognized and addressed as soon as possible, not only to lessen the immediate physiological and cognitive impacts but also to minimize long-term repercussions. Elder Abuse is linked to a significant increase in illness and death. The consequences of elder abuse may include increased emotional distress, hospitalizations rates, emergency department appointments, readmission rates, and long-term care placement. In Burbank, CA, any kind of elder abuse leads to a serious penalty. The offender will be punished and has a penalty of over 4 years in prison.

What are the Complications of Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse has complications for the caretakers, victims, and society as a whole. The complications for the victim include overall health problems i.e. physical and mental discomfort, Trauma, poor diet, excessive hospital expenses, chronic disease, poor standard of living, breakdown of relationship and trust, and even early mortality. Caretakers may experience the highest burden of care, decreased productivity, unwillingness to manage and work, and financial difficulties while caring for elderly people. The complications and challenges for society include the immediate expense of providing healthcare, the pressure on nursing facilities, and the utilization of public, legal, and law enforcement assets. Thus, the consequences of elder abuse for the entire society are threatening. California Penal code 368 PC takes strong action against elder abuse.

Cochran Firm Law Assistance for protecting elder citizens

Cochran Firm Law is one of the leading firms in Los Angeles, California, that helps in representing elder abuse cases in the state and the federal courts. We protect elder citizens and their loved ones from financial abuse by forcefully pursuing lawsuits and complaints against offenders who take advantage of older adults.

If you or your close relative has been a victim of any type of elder abuse including financial exploitation, sexual abuse, neglect or ignorance, physical injury, mental distress, and forgery, contact Cochran Firm Law Attorneys to learn more about law and to seek justice for your loved ones.