The civil rights auditors Facebook hired to scrutinize its record delivered on Wednesday a long-awaited and scathing indictment of the social media giant’s decisions to prioritize free speech above other values, which they called a “tremendous setback” that opened the door for abuse by politicians.


Civil rights leaders who met with Zuckerberg on Tuesday to discuss the boycott said the company didn’t appear to be ready to change. Facebook’s counterparts in Silicon Valley — including Snapchat, Reddit and Twitch — are taking a tougher tack when policing Trump and his most extreme supporters.

Facebook denied it was trying to deflect attention from the boycott.


But the report said Facebook has a long way to go to incorporate civil rights, including changing its approach so that the harms from speech are as valued as free speech, creating an extensive civil rights infrastructure of executives and managers within the company, and investing more resources in areas of bias and discrimination in its products and policies.

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