Police brutality and misconduct are widely spreading in various states of California, including Burbank, CA. There are various cases in which Burbank’s police department officers misuse their power and authority against civilians. Here, we will discuss some instances of Police brutality in Burbank, CA.

  • Use of Taser to kill people

An independent audit of the Burbank Police Department was conducted to examine the illegal activities done by the police officers.  A 66 years old man named “Thomas Binkley” threatened the Police officers and started to behave in an aggressive and hostile manner in front of them. The situation causes great disagreement and hostility between Binkley and the officers. During the argument, one of the policemen took out the Taser and discharged it on him. The Taser struck Binkley which leads to death. As a result, the officers were compelled to relocate themselves behind cover and ask for help,” says the report. Thus, a sense of disagreement and hostility creates a situation in which the police officer brutally killed a man with Tasers.

Besides Tasers, Burbank’s police department also uses other deadly weapons such as Pepper spray, pistols, handguns, revolvers, and other powerful weapons to harm innocent civilians. The 2021 statistics of Burbank’s police brutality specifies the following cases:

  • 23 cases of Discourtesy.
  • 6 cases of Excessive force or power against citizens.
  • 23 cases of Illegal search or detainment.
  • 26 Cases of Infringement of laws and policies.
  • 4 cases of Unlawful Profiling and discrimination.
  • 9 cases of Constitutional law violation.

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By summing up all counts and with all proven results, we believed that police brutality and violation in Burbank, California is rapidly increasing day by day. As responsible citizens, we must be aware of the illegal and false activities done by the police department and take positive measures to represent our case in the court of justice.