Police Brutality is the use of unnecessary and unlawful force by police departments and officers to violate civilian rights and freedom. It is a human rights violation and an aggressive type of police misbehavior or violence. It can also refer to a scenario in which cops use unreasonable or unwarranted force against a suspect. More than a dozen allegations of deadly force against Inglewood police officers have been reported by the Times in recent years, including complaints of officers breaking noses, punching out teeth, physically attacking, and false arrests. This article will highlight the cases of police brutality in Inglewood, CA, and the role of civil defense attorneys of a highly-reputed Cochran Firm Law, Los Angeles, CA.

Police Brutality Cases in Inglewood, CA

In Inglewood, California, many victims complained that police officers used lethal force against them. They said officers were hostile to them and ignored their accusations when they tried to report them. Here, we will explore some police brutality cases in Inglewood, California.

  • Unlawful Arrest Cases
  • In August 2000, a 59-year-old high school teacher claimed in a lawsuit that an Inglewood police officer arrested him, pushed him to the floor, and kneed him, causing him to suffer a damaged flexor tendon and two ruptured discs. The man said he was trying to help a confused neighbor who was making noise when he was warned to “stay out of police business” by an Inglewood police officer.  He was initially charged with interfering with a police officer, but the allegations were later withdrawn.
  • In July 1999, a teacher claimed he was handcuffed and pushed his face into a street outside a nearby bar where he suffered scratches on his shoulder, knee, and cheek. According to documentation, the man was arrested for public intoxication. The charges were dropped, according to the man’s lawyer, after a test discovered no alcohol in his blood. A lawsuit against the Inglewood police department was settled for $17,500 by the state.
  • Brutal Act of Punching a Woman

In February 2000, a 45-year-old security officer claimed that a police officer punched her aggressively in the mouth, fracturing her lip and losing a tooth. According to court filings, the officer admitted punching the woman but declared he did so because she was stalking him in a threatening manner. The woman was taken into custody and charged with assaulting a police officer, but the charges were later withdrawn. She has since accused the police department of human rights violations.

  • Alleged Attack

On Feb. 1, 1997, a police officer in Inglewood Police Department hit a man in the face and broke his nose, according to an accused gang member. One of the police’s companions was later fired for discarding the images of the bloody-faced member taken by him minutes after the so-called attack. According to the Inglewood Internal Affairs Investigators, the evidence showed that the images were discarded to protect the officer who allegedly attacked the young man.

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