In Torrance, CA, the Police department uses lethal force against citizens to disrespect them and to violate their constitutional rights. Here, we will discuss some cases of police brutality in Torrance, CA.

  • Prejudiced and Racist Text Messages by Police Department

The state Lawyer General’s Office initiated independent research and analysis into the Torrance Police Department, following revelations of racist and prejudiced text messages shared among a group of officers for decades, which could result in the resignation of hundreds of crimes involving the officers. The thousands of cases in Los Angeles country are under investigation. As a result of a thorough analysis, more than dozen of police department officers in Torrance has been placed under examination for harassment, prejudiced, and anti-Semitic text messages. The text included thousands of active and retired police officers and trainees of Torrance, including an image of Black men being handed with a message “hanging with the homies”

According to the newspaper, another message contained a photograph questioning what someone should do if their lady was having a relationship with a Brown person. According to the Los Angeles Times, research of use-of-force data and other filings disclosed that the same Torrance police forces who allegedly forwarded prejudiced texts were also involved in at least 7 use-of-force events since 2013, 3 of which led to the deaths of Black and Latino people.

The investigation revealed that at least nine police officers forwarded messages or pictures that called for violence and Racism against LGBTQ people and Black citizens, causing controversy and several public appeals for the cases to be reconsidered. Two retired Torrance officers, Cody Weldin and Christopher Tomsic were accused with damage and intention to commit a crime and break the law in connection with a swastika. Hart reported at the time that thirteen officers had been suspended from employment due to “accusations of violence and police brutality”. The New York Times discovered that Weldin and Tomsic, along with Policeman David, who was arrested in August for fatally shooting an innocent man in the back, are among those alleged of being engaged in the texting probe.

How Cochran Firm Law assists Innocent Civilians in Torrance, CA?

In Torrance, CA, Black people are allegedly becoming the victims of police brutality and misconduct. Cochran Firm in Los Angeles, CA, helps the citizens to file a lawsuit against police brutality. Our experienced and qualified attorneys are also there for you 24/7 to provide you with a free consultation on how to represent your case in court. We always contribute a lot in protecting the rights and liberties of civilians and providing them full compensation for their harms and damages.

As a citizen of Torrance, CA, it is your key responsibility to raise your voice against police brutality. You must keep yourself calm and take positive measures to cope with the situation, instead of making things complicated.