Police brutality is also known as police misconduct. When a person in police custody is abused or harmed in California, you may hear about it on the news. It is a severe issue throughout the United States. Therefore, injuries caused by excessive force or cruelty by an officer during an arrest may result in liability.

At Cochran Law Firm, we recognize that due process means providing fair justice and equal prioritization to all people. Nobody, not even the police offers, should be allowed to deprive you of your fundamental rights unjustly. We want to stand by you to make the police accountable for the brutal actions you have witnessed.

If the police harm you or a loved one, our San Diego injury lawyers are ready to help. Cochran Law Firms stays open from Monday to Friday. Our expert police brutality lawyers in San Diego are ready to start your case. You can consult us by calling us or email.

Affordable Lawyers for Police Brutality in San Diego

It is your right to be furious and stressed about a police brutality incident. Everyone believes that uniformed police work hard to maintain the law, keep communities safe and keep us safe.

The Cochran Law Firm holds police officers accountable for misconduct or excessive force. Brutality by police officers can be terrifying and upsetting, especially if you suffer serious injuries. We can help you seek redress from the officer or officers who harmed you.

We can help you collect financial damages. For example, if an officer physically mistreats you or uses excessive force during your arrest, we can set up a case to get them suspended and get you fair compensation for the damages. We would review the officer’s conduct to determine if they were wrong and file a lawsuit if they were.

Types of Police Brutality in San Diego

Law enforcement officers have a significant amount of power and authority to protect the public adequately. Many policemen misuse their power and domination in the name of “enforcing the law.” The following are the most typical types of police violence or misconduct in San Diego:

  • Using batons on someone who is obeying the law
  • Using excessive force on a person to fracture bones or cause severe damage
  • Utilizing pepper spray on another person without justification
  • Directing or enabling a police dog to attack a non-resisting person
  • Using physical force to persuade a suspect into confessing

Police Brutality Consultation

We realize how difficult it is to seek help after misconduct by a San Diego police officer. These are the people you should trust and who should not harm you. You always have the right to feel mentally and physically abused. Taking the essential first actions to safeguard your rights will help prevent future abuse.

  • Urgently seek medical treatment.
  • Make a list of all witnesses, including officers.
  • Capture your injuries as soon as possible.
  • Get a written medical opinion to prove your injury.
  • Attend counseling to deal with the emotional impact.

A skilled San Diego police brutality lawyer can inform you of all legal actions. They can provide you peace of mind and faith in the system. Cochran Law Firm will pursue your case with the passion you need. You may rest easy knowing that the offender will not walk away. Call or fill out our contact form to arrange an appointment with our experienced civil rights lawyers.