What is Police Misconduct?

In recent years, the matter of Police misconduct has been getting a lot of attention across the United States. Protesters and justice supporters across the country are advocating for police reform and justice. Police Misconduct is an illegal or wrongful action taken by the police department to violate the constitutional rights of the citizens. It includes police violence, corruption, fraud, dishonesty, malicious prosecution, wrongful arrest, sexual assault, use of batons and flashlights, lethal power, and misuse of authority. Police misconduct is a criminal behavior of the police which violates police norms for performing their duties or is prohibited in some way. In this article, we will talk about Police Misconduct in Burbank, California, and the role of Cochran Firm’s Attorneys to protect the civilian’s constitutional rights.

Police misconduct

Police Misconduct in Burbank, CA

In December 2007, Angelo Dahlia, an investigator for the Burbank City in California, purportedly witnessed his coworkers indulging in unlawful interrogation practices. According to Dahlia, these officers assaulted many suspects, pinched one suspect’s throat, and placed a gun directly in front of that suspect’s eye. The Burbank Police Chief appreciated this behavior. After realizing that some suspects had not yet been arrested, He allegedly instructed his police officers to beat another suspect until they all are in jail. An independent investigation of Burbank’s Police sector has complimented the department for its thorough internal assessment standards but declared that there was space for improvement.

The audit mainly focused on 56 cases from 2017, including 19 cases of officers using power, 29 misconduct investigations, and 6 vehicle chases. It also reviewed the department’s email standards and a deadly officer-involved killing in 2016, in which a man died after being hit with a Taser. It’s the sixth audit on the police department from the office of the internal audit team, an oversight agency brought in by the department after being troubled by allegations of civil-rights violations such as race prejudice, sexual assault, and police misconduct.

What to do if you became the victim of Police Misconduct?

There are various options available to victims of police misconduct and violation. If you’re a criminal suspect and believe the facts against you were obtained unjustly, consult a criminal defense attorney. If you think the police have breached your liberties, talk with a civil rights lawyer about filing a civil lawsuit. If an independent oversight committee is available, complain about the police department that supervises the officer. Take immediate action in your area. Alternatively, you can contact your local, regional, or federal legislators about the improvements that need to be made to the policy.

Imperative Role of Cochran Firm Law

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