The term “police misconduct” refers to wrongful or illegal practices done by a police officer. It is a violation of the rules and regulations set by the government, state law enforcement body, or police agency. In recent times, the use of deadly force and other kinds of police misconduct have become major concerns. When a police officer’s violent actions violate a person’s civil liberties, they must be held liable. Police violence, deception, dishonesty, harassment, torture to force confessions, abuse of power, and sexual abuse are all examples of police misconduct. Any of these practices result in a wrongful conviction. In this article, we will explore Police Misconduct in EI Monte, California, and how the Police Misconduct Attorneys in Cochran Firm Law help the victims of Police Misconduct.Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct in EI Monte, California

In EI Monte, CA, the police department and officers are involved in illegal activities and wrongful convictions that lead to the infringement of civil rights and privileges.

  • Police Officers accused of using lethal force captured on Video

As riots against police misconduct and violations continue to inflame communities across the United States as a result of George Floyd’s killing in Minneapolis. The El Monte Police Department is facing prosecution coming from an alleged incident of using lethal force. According to a group of people, an incident occurred on May 27.

The incident began when a car passed into a dead-end street, hit with a telephone pole, and the suspect climbed over a wall, according to their lawyer. The video of the incident was captured from a cellphone showing the police officers beating several people sitting on the curbside. A couple of minutes later, several El Monte police cars arrived in the street.

According to the alleged plaintiffs, police officers questioned them and then assaulted them with batons and flashlights. The plaintiffs claimed that they were not involved in this incident. On Monday, the plaintiffs and their allies held a protest outside El Monte City Hall, where they lodged a civil suit against the municipal for compensation. Six people have lodged complaints as a result of an accident. Each one is requesting a $1 million grant from the state.

How Zeal and Enthusiasm of Police Officers sometimes lead to Misconduct?

Like Attorneys, Police officers are responsible to keep our communities safe. Their zeal and enthusiasm sometimes lead them to use their power to create a claim that would otherwise be difficult to prove. The urge of a police officer to see justice done can result in terrible injustice. Other police officers are sometimes reluctant to report misconduct because of their loyalty to their colleague’s officers which worsens the situation. However, the increased use of digital phones and cameras has made it easier for citizens to capture an incident and report police misconduct, increasing public awareness of the situation.

Police Misconduct Attorneys in Cochran Firm Law

Police misconduct attorneys in California have fought for civilians’ constitutional rights by standing out against wrongful convictions, extrajudicial killings by police officers, racially-biased searches, and other forms of police misconduct. They fight for justice not only through financial compensation but also by holding police departments and workers accountable for infringement of public rights.

Cochran Firm’s well-known Police Misconduct Attorneys include James A. Bryant, Brian T. Dunn, Marcelis Morris, Anahita Sedaghatfar, and Eddie J. Harris. If you find yourself or your family member become a victim of wrongful convictions and illegal acts taken by the police officer, then you are required to handle the situation calmly and immediately contact us via email or website. Our Attorneys are always available for you and help you to fight your case against police misconduct.