A great majority of police cops are dedicated to providing professional and ethical public service. However, there is a proportion of dishonesty, fraud, lack of ethics, and unlawful conduct in every police department. Police Misconduct occurs when police officers perform illegal activities while doing their public duties. This act of misconduct may deprive citizens of their freedom as well as their constitutional rights, which can result in serious injury or physical damage. In this article, we will explore how police officers in San Marino, California, violate human rights and liberty.

Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct in San Marino, CA

In San Marino, CA, many citizens have protested against political corruption and misconduct in recent years, demanding respect for constitutional rights, integrity, and a persistent fight against police misconduct. It also has a detrimental impact on women, adolescents, and poor people. In particular, the social rights of the citizens including education, healthcare, and other factors can be seriously hampered by the unnecessary use of power and authority by police officers to perform illegal activities. To eliminate police brutality and misconduct in San Marino, California, and to fight against corruption, transparency is the essential element. Transparency indicates that the public interest is at the forefront of outcome and decision-making. Police misconduct continues to pose a serious threat to human dignity and human rights in all the states of California.

A San Marino man is convicted to 366 days in jail on firearm charges

After George Floyd was killed by then-Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, the audience was protesting against police misconduct. According to federal authorities, they were encouraging the Black Lives Matter movement. After driving toward protesters in Pasadena, a man is convicted to 366 days in jail on firearm charges. On Monday, Oct.25, a San Marino man was sentenced to a year and one day in the federal penitentiary, for carrying and acquiring firearms across state lines, conspiracy, and other weapon charges after driving into a gathering of protesters in Pasadena.

According to Ciaran McEvoy, a representative for the US Attorney general’s Division, the judge also asked Benjamin Jong Ren Hung to pay a fine of up to $10,000 and complete 120 hours of social services. A Hung, 29, was charged with conspiracy, moving and possessing weapons across state boundaries, making incorrect statements during gun purchases, and carrying unlicensed weapons.

On May 12, Hung pleaded guilty to all 11 allegations. According to a declaration from the US Attorney, U.S. District Judge Stephen V. Wilson determined Hung was looking for trouble when he went to the protest rallies and ascertained that while Hung did not plan to jeopardize anyone’s life, he engaged in frightening behavior intended to threaten and create fear.

Authorities recognized that there were mitigating factors in the case that justified their request for 33-month imprisonment. They observed that Hung has no prior criminal record that he seems to have the support of his family, who have strong relations to the area, that he has been able to maintain consistent employment with his family’s business, and that he and his wife have recently had a child.

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