In recent years, police shootings have received a lot of attention and it is becoming prevalent in the United States. Not every victim of an unlawful police shooting or their family is identified. Only a small proportion of people receive justice and retribution. The discharge of a firearm by a law enforcement officer, whether on or off duty, may be described as an officer-involved shooting (OIS) or police shooting. It occurs when a police officer uses unwarranted force, such as deadly weapons such as revolvers, pistols, or rifles, on unarmed citizens in the community. Aggression and verbal disagreement between the civilian and the police officer are two of the most typical reasons for deploying coercive power. In this article, we’ll look at how police officers in Los Angeles, California, act aggressively toward individuals and how police shooting attorneys help innocent people.

How do Police Officers misuse their authority of using Deadly Weapons against civilians?

  • Police Shooting Incident in Los Angeles, CA

According to the authorities, three people were killed and four others were injured in the police shooting at a warehouse party in Los Angeles, California. According to Sergeant Jader Chaves of the Los Angeles Police Department, one of the gunshot victims was still in serious condition on Monday morning. The reason for the shooting in the Boyle Heights area was at 12:30 a.m. Sunday has yet to be revealed. No suspect information or other data has been released. In the hours following the attack, blood covered the sidewalk, and belongings, including a shoe, remained on the street as investigators and forensic specialists recorded the incident.

According to Chaves, two other casualties were stable on Monday and the fourth had been discharged from the hospital. When police officers arrived, they found two victims died from bullet wounds and critical injuries, according to Chaves. Later, the third victim was declared dead. Randy Tyson, 25, and Daniel Dunbar, 27, have been discovered as two of the deceased victims by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office. Their tests and further investigations are pending. Brandon Castro, 18, was admitted to the hospital for gunshot wounds.

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Police shootings and violence are against the protection of human constitutional rights and privileges. Many questions may arise in your mind like when and why should you hire a professional Police Shooting attorney? Is there a need to consult a police shooting attorney? The answer is YES. While filing a case against a police department or officer may appear to be a challenging task, if your loved one has been the victim of a police shooting, the police department can and should be held accountable.

The attorneys of Cochran Firm Law are dedicated to getting justice for victims and families of violent police encounters, and have the experience and proven record to do so. Call us at 323-435-8205 to schedule a free and confidential consultation with our expert team or visit our website for further satisfaction. We aim to move our community forward by fighting for justice for those whose constitutional rights have been infringed for no cause. Our attorneys are willing to help you in seeking justice and compensation for all your financial losses, pains, and physical injuries.