The probability of the victim being severely injured or killed when a police officer uses lethal force is always there. Handguns are one of the most hazardous weapons. Any bullet wound has the potential to create life-threatening illnesses and complications that can cause fatal death or drastically impact one’s quality of life. Because of this, police officers can only shoot a culprit if they have reason to believe that doing so will put them or others in danger. It is unethical and unlawful to use lethal force in any other scenario. There are a lot of consequences for inappropriately using violent force. Along with potentially hurting the victims, it undermines the bond of trust between police departments and the communities they serve. Preventing the improper use of force demands thoroughly investigating each case and holding police officers responsible when their conduct infringes on civilians’ rights and liberties.

Lawyers for Police shootings and wrongful death at the Cochran Firm Law are seeking justice and monetary compensation for victims of police shootings in Los Angeles, CA. We want to speak up for you as well as your loved ones if they became the victim of an unwarranted police shooting. According to mortality statistics from the Los Angeles county medical examiner, at least 986 citizens have been killed by police officers in Los Angeles County since 2001.

Police Shooting in Los Angeles, CA

Around 80% of the fatalities were Black or Latino, and the majority of them were men. Over 95% of them were killed by gunfire. Allegations of crime are rare. The district attorney’s department of Los Angeles County, which investigates each case, determined that the use of power was almost always morally justifiable. Only two officers have pleaded guilty to charges since 2000 due to fatally shooting a citizen while carrying out their responsibilities. Every police shooting in Los Angeles County is subjected to an independent, in-depth investigation of the evidence by the district prosecutor’s office. In this article, we will discuss the police shooting incidents in Los Angeles, California. Further, we will talk about the role of police shooting lawyers in Los Angeles, CA.

  • Los Angeles Police Officer acted unethically and violated the law when he fatally shot and killed a teenager in a changing room.

When a police officer shot at an assault subject in a market last year, 14-year-old Valentina Orellana-Peralta was fatally injured. When he discharged multiple bullets during an incident at the store, including one that hit and killed the teenager, a Los Angeles police officer who fatally shot a 14-year-old girl in a clothing store last December was found to have breached a police department standards and policy. The city’s police board released findings relevant to a case that shocked Los Angeles. On December 23, 2021, Valentina Orellana-Peralta was shot while shopping at a Burlington Coat Store in North Hollywood.

The police officer, William Dorsey Jones shot at a man who was unlawfully assaulting store patrons. He attacked the teen, who was in a changing room with her mother, and one of the bullets struck and killed her. Intense anger over Orellana-death Peralta’s resulted in protests, litigation, and other acts. The Los Angeles Police Department killed more civilians in 2018 than it killed in 2020, making it an exceptionally deadly year for civilians at the hands of the Police department. Orellana was one of the 5 victims killed by Los Angeles police in 2021. City police officers, according to activists, are encouraged to deliberately use excessive force when it is not required because there are few consequences for their actions. Observers and demonstrators had questioned why Jones fired at a suspect in the shooting that killed Orellana without attempting to calm the situation or assessing whether witnesses may be in danger.

Although the police committee declared that Jones’ first gunshot was justified, the second and third shots were all against Los Angeles Police Department guidelines and policies. However, Michel, the head of the city police, concluded that Jones should not have shot at all and that another police cop in the same case would not have considered the use of deadly force “objectively acceptable or justified”. According to the commission, the officers on the scene and a supervisory officer approached Elena Lopez, the subject who was killed in the event, using improper methods.

Elena Lopez, 24, was reportedly whipping a woman who was lying on the floor with blood on her face when officers arrived on the spot. When the police instantly shot three bullets, one of them rebounded off the floor into the supermarket’s changing room where Orellana and her mother were taking cover, hitting the young girl in the chest. Elena was on the opposite side of the aisle from Jones and appeared to be moving away when she was fired. Orellana’s mother stated that she died suddenly in her arms, she did not wake up, and she was helpless. The police officer did not appear to help me or my daughter as I lay screaming for help. But I didn’t stop screaming. When the police officers finally arrived, they took the mother out of the changing room and left Orellana laying there. The teenager’s mother said, “I wished they would help her. However, they just left her lying there by herself”.

The parents of Orellana have filed a complaint against Jones and the Police department over the shooting, alleging them of setting “an environment that permitted and encouraged this shooting to occur” and failing to train and supervise the officers involved properly. What consequences Jones will face are yet to be determined. Six months before the shooting incident, Orellana had moved to Los Angeles. She was a high achiever who wanted to pursue higher education, transform the world, and create a change, according to Crump, the family’s police shooting lawyer, who stated this last year. Her biggest goal was to acquire American citizenship. They moved from Chile to the United States looking for stability, safety, and a better lifestyle.

police shooting lawyers in Los Angeles

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The lawyers at Cochran Firm Law are skilled, professional, and experienced persons. They are always ready to fight for your rights and seek justice and compensation. Ed Lyman is one of our well-known and experienced lawyers who represent citizens in federal and State courts of justice who have been denied constitutional freedoms shielded by the US Constitution. Ed Lyman operated at many reputed organizations before commencing his career as a lawyer.

If you or your loved ones have been the victim of wrongful death or unjustified police shooting, we are just a call away. Immediately contact us for assistance and support. As a citizen, it is your right to take an action for your rights. Police Shooting Lawyers at Cochran Firm Law are always there to support you and to represent your case in the California courts of justice. Our lawyers have the knowledge, expertise, and resources to handle all types of police shooting cases on behalf of the plaintiffs and their families against wrongful police conduct while performing their duties. We are always willing to help you in seeking full compensation for your damages and injuries, including monetary compensation.