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Amputation Injuries

In some violent injuries the need to save a life often comes at the cost of a lost finger, toe, ear, eye, as examples, or even a limb. The loss of an arm or leg can be devastating, but with the rapidly evolving world of reconstructive medicine, options exist to restore to a large extent the loss of function or the effect on one’s sense of self through a proper-fitting prosthetic, or through other medical options.

Because The Cochran Firm is dedicated to bringing a positive change to the lives of those who rely on our legal expertise and reputation, we commit ourselves to knowing who are the best medical experts and where the appropriate resources lie. We understand that in life’s journey a setback such as an amputation can open new doors, beyond the immediate challenges, if the right care and medical support are in place. Let us help you gain economic justice so you can get on with your life after the immediate medical choices are made.