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Mass Transit Incidents

What are Common Carriers? 

Justice for Common Carriers is very rare in the US. Accidents on common carriers are relatively uncommon but can happen to anyone at any time. These types of claims range from a foodborne illness aboard a cruise ship to wrongful death associated with a downed jetliner. Attorneys can be costly, but often the cost of not having legal representation is much, much higher.

Massive Incidents

We have great experience in accidents of all types, from the days where Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. ruled the legal world to the present time, whether they arise from trains, planes or automobiles. Mass transit accidents, involving buses, trains, and other forms of mass transit require thorough engineering analysis and accident investigation. Witnesses must be contacted, official reports and investigations need to be gathered, and a quick response to the medical needs or survivors of wrongful death is required.

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“Common Carriers” – We Got you Covered

At The Cochran Firm, we understand that mass transit providers are what in law are called “common carriers,” and they owe the utmost duty of care to their passengers. Prior collisions, prior safety violations, etc. must be understood and uncovered. Any videotapes, photos and other evidence must be gathered and preserved right away. The best experts need to be engaged.

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We know how to do that, and we insist on justice for those who come to us after such large disasters. No one is better positioned, in our view, to best represent such people. When The Cochran Firm steps in, the press, the public, and those we need to sue to be fair in the pursuit of justice take notice. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a mass transit disaster, let us help.

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