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Construction Accidents

John Lennon sang “a working class hero is something to be…” We love fighting to get justice for the working people of California. Although we do not handle workers compensation cases, we do refer that aspect of cases out to California’s best lawyers in that field, while achieving justice in cases where another party aside from the employer is responsible for the injury. Many times people are seriously injured, suffer spinal cord injury, amputation, traumatic brain injury or other catastrophic injury as a result of a construction site danger. We look to get you economic justice when that happens.

Improper scaffolding, dangerous temporary fences, unsafe tools and workplace products that break, explode, suddenly go on fire, we can handle if the defect or danger is proven. Many construction sites skirt safety regulations and needlessly expose workers to dangers that violate codes and our safety laws. Unskilled subcontractors may cause an unexpected danger, leaving uncovered holes in the ground or unsafe wiring or other dangers which cause catastrophic injury and death.

We hire skilled experts in the fields of construction safety and code compliance to help win those cases.