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One way workers are taken advantage of is through a pervasive hostile environment in the workplace. This can occur in many ways. Often, the employer, supervisor, or co-worker does or says things that makes you, the victim, feel uncomfortable because of his or her sex, race, or religion. Hostile environment sexual harassment in the workplace does not need to include a demand for an exchange of sex for a job benefit. It is the creation of an “uncomfortable environment.”

This creation of an uncomfortable environment occurs in many ways. It could be people you work with telling sexual stories or racist jokes around you, after you have told them this bothers you, after the employer knows, yet nothing is done to stop it. It could be working for someone who uses sex as a term of employment, or makes you uncomfortable by putting their hands on you and commenting on your physical attributes. It could be some people referring to you as a terrorist just because of how you look, or your religion.