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Slumlord Litigation

“Slumlord” is a term used for owners of places families live who allow the conditions to become unhealthy and unsafe in a manner which is despicable and endangers the people living there. People are entitled to dignity and to get what they pay for in housing. Safety and decent conditions. A working heater. No chronic health problems caused by roaches, rats, and other shocking conditions. Unsafe electrical wiring endangering kids. Bad plumbing which makes it impossible to stay clean or even use the toilet.

When buildings become unfit for people to live in, we try to change that. We work with a consortium of lawyers dedicated to helping the poor and changing these conditions around. We want to make this a better California and we focus on the building itself, and what problems are not simply in one apartment, but common to all. We tackle this issue head-on in the right cases, and we’re ready to help you.