Unfortunately, everyday people in Los Angeles, California are subjected to hardship or racism and are denied opportunities as a result of unfair practices, judgments, and actions. A civil rights lawyer is experienced in problems regarding an individual’s civil rights and serves as an advocate for the freedoms and privileges protected by the United States Constitution and statutes, and it is their responsibility to speak up on the behalf of the innocent citizens of the society.

Age discrimination, issues impacting the disabled, discrimination based on religion, color, creed, sex, or ethnicity, safeguarding the rights of people in organizations, such as inhabitants of government-run care homes and jails, equal pay concerns, employment rights, right to vote, and privileges described in the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights, are just a few of the cases that a civil rights lawyer might be involved in. This article will tell you about the need of hiring an experienced civil rights lawyer in Los Angeles, California, and what he or she can do for you.

What does it mean to Infringe on Civil Rights?

When the government or its officers disregard a person’s legal or statutory rights, a civil rights claim is lodged. These civil rights may include liberty from unlawful seizure or physical assault by police officers, the right to speech without the interference of the government, and the right to stay free from police shootings. The inability of police personnel to protect these human rights is known as civil rights infringement.

When Would I Seek The Expertise of A Civil Rights Lawyer?

If you fear your freedoms and civil rights have been compromised, you should consult a civil rights lawyer. He or she can assist you if you’ve been harmed due to your race, creed, gender, or impairment. Following are the most common situations in which you must hire civil rights lawyers in Los Angeles, CA:

  • Punishment that is cruel and harsh.
  • Racism or unlawful arrest.
  • Due to discrimination, you may lose your job or be passed over for a promotion.
  • Discrimination based on a false assumption by a public official.


If you think your civil rights have been infringed, you should submit a claim with the government and hire a civil rights attorney.

What does a Civil Rights Lawyer do for you?

Civil rights lawyers perform a variety of activities while assisting their clients. They conduct case research, prepare legal documentation, present arguments and defensive points in court, and negotiate agreements. They also remain informed on local civil rights laws and policies that may change over time. When an individual’s rights are violated, he or she has the legal authority to file a civil suit against the department or officer responsible. To help ensure the best possible outcome, this client would most likely hire a civil rights lawyer to represent them in a criminal court.

Services of Anahita Sedaghatfar, Civil Right Lawyer at Cochran Firm Law

Cochran Firm Law is one of the famous and outstanding firms situated in Los Angeles, California. Our civil rights attorneys are struggling day and night in protecting the civil rights of the citizens from being violated by police officers. Anahita Sedaghatfar is a general civil litigation lawyer who serves in both state and federal courts. Job discrimination, sexual misconduct, unfair dismissal, entertainment law, and civil litigation matters are among Ms. Sedaghatfar’s main areas of expertise. Our lawyers are always ready to help you in presenting your case in a court of law. Call us immediately if you believe yourself to be the victim of police wrongdoings.