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Criminal Law in EI Monte, CA

Introduction to Criminal Law

Criminal law can be defined as the body of law that deals with violence and criminality. It restricts behavior that is seen to be harmful, destructive, and illegal that has detrimental effects on the property, security, health, or moral welfare of people. The majority of criminal law is constituted through legislation, which means that it is implemented by legislative authority. Cochran Firm Law plays an imperative role in minimizing criminality from the society by helping the victims of criminal conduct and filing a lawsuit against the offenders. In this article, we will talk about multiple types of crimes and their penalties in EI Monte, California.

Criminal Law

Types of Crimes in EI Monte, CA

Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Infractions are the three types of crimes identified in EI Monte, CA, and are distinguished by the severity of the crime and the intensity of the punishment.

  1. Infractions

An infraction can be defined as a public offense that is not a crime and does not incur the penalty of jail. A fine, disqualification, or removal from public office are the only punishments available to anyone found guilty of an infraction. The majority of infractions are usually only punished with a fine. Traffic violations, such as surpassing the legal speed limit are the instances of infractions in EI Monte, California.

  1. Misdemeanor 

A misdemeanor is a crime that has a maximum penalty of one year in a state or town prison as well as a fine of $1,000. Many misdemeanor offenses, however, include a penalty that is greater than the penalty specified in Penal Code section 19. Examples of misdemeanors include shoplifting, Prostitution solicitation, and various DUI and domestic abuse crimes.

  1. Felony crime

A felony crime is a more serious offense where the penalty leads to death or imprisonment in county jail. If a criminal is given probation, the court can set a variety of conditions, including up to one year in county jail, fines up to the maximum permitted by state law, and compensation to the plaintiff for actual losses.

Crime Statistics in EI Monte, CA

The California Department of Justice announced crime statistics for all counties and cities in the United States. The city of EI Monte, California reported 2,158 criminal offenses in 2021, including 1,807 property crimes and 351 violent crimes. The property crimes include 989 thefts, 358 robberies, and 460 automobile thefts were among the property crimes. Additionally, there were 9 killings, 40 assaults, 123 robberies, and 179 violent assaults among the violent crimes.

Criminal Laws in EI Money, CA

  • California Gun Control Laws

The gun control laws in EI Monte, California, are among the most prohibited laws. Here, we will break down the California Penal Code for the use of a gun and other deadly weapons. 

Penal Code of California 

  • PC Sections 16000 – 34370 include the control of deadly weapons.
  • PC Sections 23500 – 34370 of the United States Code includes firearms control.
  • PC Section 30500 – 31115 includes the Assault Weapons Control Act.
  • PC Section 30352 includes the Background checks for the purchase of ammunition.
  • PC Section 32310 is about large magazine capacity prohibited.
  • PC Section 12021.5 include Prison enhancements for crimes with firearms

Amendment made to the Penal Codes

  • The PC 18170th section includes Gun-violence restraining orders.
  • PC 18175 Section imposes restrictions on purchasing firearms.

Penalties for Illegal Firearm Possession

You will face 1 year in jail, a $1,000 fine, or both if you carry a deadly or heavy weapon. You may be charged with a felony if you carry a gun without a permit. It is a criminal offense that is punishable by up to 3 years in jail or a fine of $10,000 or maybe both.

Cochran Firm Law

Cochran Firm Law is a well-known firm that handles all complicated criminal cases including felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. If you feel yourself to be a victim of a criminal offense, immediately contact our experienced attorneys for assistance.



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