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Truck Accidents

Truck driving is a heavily regulated industry, because of the inherent dangers of driving these “monsters of the highway.” 18-wheelers and their drivers are a backbone of the American economy, taking goods from ports and cities to every corner of our Nation. Interstate commerce is very reliant on truckers of America. The Cochran Firm has a National presence, with offices across the land, and we are experts on trucking crashes wherever they occur.

The United States Department of Transportation regulates the industry, along with the Public Utilities Commission, Department of Homeland Security, and other local and state agencies. Trucks who do interstate commerce are required to carry significant insurance. They must log the hours they drive, take mandatory rest breaks, and carry appropriate loads that are properly secured. Much of this regulation is now in place because of trial lawyers like those found at The Cochran Firm.

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We understand the special nature of trucks, how they are driven, what their capabilities and limitations are. These massive vehicles sometimes weigh up to 80,000 lbs. they have massive “blind spots.” They simply cannot react nimbly to swerving vehicles or changing road conditions. Sometimes their operators have been driving all day and night taking goods across large swaths of American interstate highways.

When the truck driver is surprised by a sudden and unexpected emergency situation, they are simply incapable of stopping suddenly or executing a sharp turning maneuver. Instead, such vehicles can “jackknife” across a highway or overturn while trying to quickly “correct” to avoid a crash, causing massive and violent collisions. When that happens, the 3,000 lb. automobile loses the battle of “physics” with the behemoth truck 25 times larger and heavier, and predictable catastrophic results often follow.

Here are some current statistics on annual semi-truck accidents –Click here

If you’ve been involved in a vehicular crash with a tractor-trailer on the highways, call us. We can help. The Cochran Firm will evaluate the crash, locate the assets of those responsible, and obtain economic justice so you can get back on track with your life.



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