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Defective Products

SUV rollovers. Defective hip implants. Dangerous medicines with side affects you were never warned about. Weak roofs on trucks. Flammable children’s clothing. Dangerous household items. Unreasonably dangerous work machines with improper guards. Tires that fall apart. Car seats that break in a rear-end collision. These are examples of defective and unreasonably dangerous product cases we will handle.

There are only a handful of lawyers in California who are known to be top products liability lawyers. Some of the best work right here at The Cochran Firm, which makes the Cochran Firm as formidable a law firm to have on your side in this field of law as any in the Golden State.

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The best lawyers fighting for the corporations who make automobiles and other dangerous products have known and respected the Cochran Firm and their experience in product liability cases for years. We cannot take many product cases, though, because they are very risky and expensive. That said, we welcome your call and the opportunity to make this a safer world and bring justice to you and your family through our Firm. Whether it is an unsafe plane, train or automobile, or any other product, let us take a look at it and give you solid advice on whether it is worth the fight..

These are often epic David v. Goliath battles, requiring big money and comprehensive resources. In the end, though, it might be your lawyer and theirs. A fair fight. Having one of the great lawyers we have at The Cochran Firm in your corner for that fight for justice is a smart move. Call us first. We’ll tell you the truth. If we like the case, we’ll masterfully map out a game plan for success and begin implementing it right away.

The Cochran Firm – Los Angeles is a unique and highly skilled group of attorneys known to be dedicated towards making this a better and safer worlds, one case at a time. Our history is rich in making sure corporations act responsibly when it comes to consumer safety. We consider product liability cases, those involving defective products, all the time. These can range from industrial machine with improper guarding, to automobiles with unsafe occupant protection systems, to unsafe toys for children, the whole gamut of products. The common aspect of these cases is that they fall into three categories of what experienced lawyers in this field call “defect”:

  • Design defects
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Marketing defects

Design defects are conscious decisions made by corporations which we find are often caused by decision-makers getting a product to market without proper testing and study, or by making a decision to leave consumers with risks of safety because they chose profits over safety.

Many examples of this behavior exist. SUV’s were sold by the hundreds of thousands to families in this country which were dangerously unsafe in their stability, the ability to stay on the road rather than rollover when making unexpected emergency steering maneuvers to avoid collisions or obstacles on the road. Seatbelts that were not adjustable were put in cars which were dangerous to smaller adults and children out of booster seats who might sit up front, leading to paralysis and death in survivable crashes. Toys were sold which could poison or cause lacerating injuries to children that were completely avoidable with proper design. Unsafe glass installed into buildings that fall apart when someone leans on them.

The examples are as varied as products in our society. But the argument of product defect is always a balancing act of weighing the needless risks of the product against the benefits of the design. This often requires the best experts in the Nation. We know who they are, why they are considered the best, and we work with such experts on a regular basis. Part of the expertise our Firm brings to you is our amazing connections nationwide. We work with other Cochran Firms across America if need be, and other leading trial lawyers in the product liability field, bringing the best resources America has to offer to your case.

Here are some facts regarding defective products in the U.S- Click here

Manufacturing defects cause accidents all the time too. In 2009 we resolved a case where a big chunk of the back of a limousine fell off on the 405 Freeway, lodging under the car behind it, driven by a Cochran Firm client. She was seriously injured. We were able to prove the product broke because of design and manufacturing flaws, by working with experts skilled in fields as diverse as forensic human factors, metallurgy, product design, limousine manufacture, biomechanics, among others. We find the best and put the best to work for you.

Marketing defects are also common. A good example in our society is in the field of pharmaceuticals, pills, medical devices, where people are told a pill or a joint replacement product will make them healthy again, but instead, it brings dangerous and life-threatening risks. Another example again exists with cars, where a company markets a vehicle as safe for families, when it hasn’t even been properly tested. Another example occurs when companies sell dangerous products to children which they can’t safely use as intended. We look at how the product was marketed to you, and challenge the statements made by looking at the products actual capabilities and risks.



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