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Criminal Law

The Cochran Firm has successfully defended thousands of criminal prosecutions throughout the United States. For this reason, we are one of the most prominent and well-recognized criminal defense law firms in the country. With numerous locations nationwide, The Cochran Firm Criminal Defense team strives to provide an aggressive defense for each and every client.

It was Johnnie Cochran’s dream to provide the best criminal defense available to everyone, no matter how socially despised or serious the crime you are charged with maybe. This holds especially true for those individuals whose civil rights have been violated.

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The Cochran Firm continues to carry out that mission by providing legal defense to those who have been targeted by the criminal justice system and are facing charges relating to any crime.

Our clients are given access to virtually unlimited resources during their defense. Some of the finest legal minds in the country are consulted for their legal expertise. Financial resources are available regardless of the type of case or the prosecutor we are up against. “No prosecutor is too great for our attorneys at The Cochran Firm.” No client is too small for The Cochran Firm, either.

It is unfortunate, yet very common, that many criminal defense attorneysjust seek a quick plea bargain for their criminal defense clients. The Cochran Firm attorneys work tirelessly to obtain the best possible result for you, not just a fast disposition of your case. We prepare every case for trial and only agree to a plea when attorney and client mutually agree that it is the best option and that the time is right.

As a Cochran Firm client, you will receive personalized attention, and you will never be represented by a junior associate or a paralegal. Only our trial attorneys deal with the prosecutors..

We believe that every client, no matter what crime they have been charged with, is innocent until proven guilty. If you have been charged with a criminal act, The Cochran Firm Criminal Defense attorneys will provide you with experienced criminal defense lawyers to assist you during this difficult and traumatic time. Our resources and experience aid us in performing a thorough investigation of your case, and we will create a strong defense to preserve your freedom and reputation.

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