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Pedestrian Accidents

Helping pedestrian collisions accidents and their victims. Just about every ten minutes, someone in America walking on a sidewalk or crossing a street in a crosswalk is hit by a motor vehicle. Many times a day, someone in America who is a pedestrian is killed by a motor vehicle of some kind. Pedestrians hit by vehicles can be immediately killed, or sometimes they are knocked up and over the vehicle, left broken in the middle of the road. Inattentive drivers, speeding drivers, drunk drivers, texting drivers….the pedestrian has no chance if there’s a collision, but we jump right in and fight for your rights if you are the victim of a pedestrian collision.

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The human factors element to the analysis along with time/speed/distance and sightlines analysis is critical. Often we will consider animation or a scene reconstruction that is filmed to demonstrate for a jury why the accident was avoidable had the motorist just paid more attention or handled their vehicle more cautiously and appropriately. Motorists don’t respect crosswalks enough. They don’t drive slowly enough in a residential neighborhood, needlessly exposing children to the danger of death and serious injury. We work hard to change that. We have a strong track record of success in pedestrian accident cases, and we look forward to helping you. Helping pedestrian collisions accidents .

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