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Dangerous Roads

When someone is killed on public property, whether because of the negligence of a government or public employee, or a dangerous condition of public property, a government can be liable for wrongful death damages. We are currently working on such cases against the State of California and certain counties and cities that also build, maintain, and control our roads.

In the State of California, all state highways are owned and maintained by the California Department of Transportation (CALTRANS). Lawsuits for wrongful death alleging dangerous conditions of public property are complicated and expensive. Not just that, you need to know what to ask, how to analyze the data, what the governmental immunity statutes mean, and how they affect your ability to gain economic justice.

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Our dangerous road cases usually involve catastrophic injury, spinal cord injury, brain injury, or wrongful death. These cases come to us because those responsible for a road made it unsafe through design, neglect, or failing to notice the increasing number of accidents caused as a result of:

Road resurfacing;.

Poorly designed bridge abutments, guardrails and median dividers;
Negligently managed construction zones, including those that do not have proper or visible signage;

Inadequate temporary lighting at road resurfacing or construction projects, rendering pedestrians, other vehicles and landmarks difficult or impossible to see;

Bad road design, including lanes that are too narrow or turns that are improperly banked;

ISurface defects including potholes, loose gravel, or other payment hazards that cause vehicles to go out of control;

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