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Slip & Falls

Slip and fall accidents are very common, and we successfully handle such cases all the time. The typical case is difficult, though, because the prejudice of most jurors is that “you should watch where you’re going,” so when you whack your head on a low overhang, or slip on grease, or trip on dimly lit stairs, or stumble down a walkway because there’s no handrail and it’s too slippery, as examples, the case will still be a dogfight. But we’re there to handle the case if we see a winning theory and you’ve been seriously injured.

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Slip and fall is a generic term used by the public for all kinds of pedestrian accidents. They happen in homes, in commercial settings, at schools, everywhere where people walk. In slip and fall accidents our focus is on proving the property owner caused by a property owner’s negligence, the liability of the defendant can be difficult to prove, since the negligence laws involved are complex and, often, disadvantageous to the injured.

What we look for is a breach of the standard of care property owners must abide by. If they don’t trim their trees and this obscures a stop sign, for example, they must pay. If they let their tree roots rip up a sidewalk and you fall, they must pay. When a property owner doesn’t uphold this duty of care and someone is injured on his premises, he or she can be held responsible. And if the law is on your side, and you’re seriously injured, we’re there for you.

Here are some facts regarding slip and fall injuries in the U.S-Click here



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