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Police Brutality


The heart of the Cochran Firm lies in civil rights law, civil rights litigation, civil rights trials, and making this a better and more just society through enforcement of our Constitutionally guaranteed civil rights. We are police brutality lawyers, helping families in Los Angeles and throughout California.

The most common civil rights cases we take involve people who are wrongfully shot and seriously injured or killed by the police.

Have you been: 
Wrongfully harassed?
TASED by the police?
Beaten by the police?

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We are the leaders in civil rights law in California, and have been known for this commitment by the community we serve, law enforcement, and their lawyers. We have earned the respect of the bar and bench in this area. Our Managing Partner, Brian Dunn, specializes in such cases and is known to be Los Angeles’ best and most effective civil rights trial lawyer.

Here is a helpful Police Violence Report for 2021  – Click here

Who polices the police? The Cochran Firm. We know that our police are so often heroes. We understand that every day they go to work they lay their lives on the line for each of us. We believe that they must make snap decisions, life or death decisions, under stress and rapidly evolving situations. Nonetheless, their power is awesome. We, as a society, delegate to the police the right to use force against us, and in some cases, the right to use lethal force against us, the citizens, the people who live, work, and enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness here.

Here are some examples of Civil Rights violations by the police – Click here

There is a balance which must be struck between the awesome and deadly power the police are entrusted with and their need to protect and serve the community and not overreact or emotionally choose to cause harm out of proportion to the threat they have before them, in our society. The Cochran Firm, through its work, enforces that proper balance.

If you are looking for Police Brutality Lawyers in Los Angeles, we probably take more civil rights cases to trial than any other firm. We take the most significant cases involving police misconduct.



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