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How We Work

The Cochran Firm–California is based in Los Angeles, and is uniquely positioned as a major multi-service law firm for this amazing Golden State to serve all of California:

We dedicate ourselves to work on impact litigation, major cases involving serious injury, outrageous conduct, things that make a difference in our society. Yet we’re also there to either handle or refer to qualified lawyers all kinds of legal matters, as you’ll see from touring this website. Our roots are well-known, built initially within the African-American community of Los Angeles in particular, because of the accomplishments and the legacy of America’s Greatest Lawyer Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr. That legacy still lives on, and we still focus on urban Los Angeles, but we also fight for people in the Central Valley, In the Bay Area, from San Diego to Monterey, and beyond.

The boundaries of our business are the boundaries of California. We welcome and look forward to working to obtain economic justice and positive change for people of all colors, all ages, all abilities and disabilities, wherever our talents and trial lawyers are needed.

When we take a case, it is immediately assigned to a partner and a team of legal talent. We work closely with you to gather all necessary facts and take the burden from you which brings you to the firm. We provide immediate legal analysis and collaboratively and uniquely establish a game plan for success for each case. As contingency fee lawyers, we only get paid if you get paid. Therefore, we’re choosy about the cases we take, and we actively work on each. Our decades of experience and strong track record of success fuel our efforts. We dedicate ourselves to handling cases that make a difference, from the O’Jays to the No Jays, as Mr. Cochran said.



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