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Criminal Law Lawyers in San Diego

If you are charged (unfortunately) with a crime in San Diego, you should contact an experienced San Diego criminal law lawyer. The lawyer will develop a solid defense to help you avoid a conviction and the maximum fines. Our team understands that navigating the complex world of criminal law may be overwhelming and damaging.

The Cochran Law Firm is a top criminal defense firm in San Diego. It is known for having cases dropped and obtaining unlikely victories for its clients. Our outstanding criminal defense work involves DUI, murder, and theft crimes. We will vigorously defend to protect your constitutional rights.

The Cochran Law Firm has extensive experience managing state and federal laws. Our company has defended clients in criminal defense matters throughout San Diego. Many of our jury trials have resulted in “not guilty” findings. The Cochran Law Firm has long advocated for criminal justice reform.

Each client is entitled to the best legal representation money could buy. In less severe circumstances, a skilled criminal defense lawyer might help the accused defend their interests.

A criminal defendant must consequently engage the best criminal lawyer possible. Cochran Law Firm has years of expertise, hands-on dedication to clients, and nationally recognized legal education and training. We are experts in criminal law.

If you hire Cochran Law Firm, we will do everything possible to safeguard your rights throughout the whole legal procedure. You can contact us anytime to find out how we can best serve your requirements in the future.

When you are arrested, it can be a traumatic, confusing, and upsetting situation. Let us assist you through the chaos and uncertainty of a criminal charge in San Diego County. You may rely on Cochran Law Firm for truthful answers, straightforward explanations, and top-notch defense.

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How Can Cochran Law Firm Help You with a Criminal Case?

The different types of criminal cases in San Diego are:

  • Drug Crimes
  • Identity Theft
  • Weapons Charges
  • Sex Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes

We understand what you’re going through and are ready to assist. For your independence, we have years of combined expertise, understanding, and experience. We know the ins and outs of criminal law, and we work together as a team to obtain the best outcome.

When we take on a new legal case of any kind, we put ourselves in the position of our customers. From that vantage point, we deliver the kind of service we would want if we were experiencing the same issues ourselves.

It is our entire focus to provide criminal defense, and we excel at it. We believe in the importance of specialization. Your rights and freedom will be protected, no matter what charges are brought against you. We can build a compelling case with our criminologist, in-house investigator, and our network of highly-trained specialists. Settle in for a tenacious and vigorous defense that you deserve.

Cochran Law Firm has gone above and beyond to acquire its name in San Diego County courtrooms. We will never take your case lightly, unlike other solicitors who will accept any concessions the prosecutor makes. We are here to obtain you the best possible outcome, not to be at the mercy of the prosecution.



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