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Elder Abuse Lawyers in Long Beach

Placing an older adult or a loved senior family member in a care home or an assisted living area can be a serious decision. Hundreds of citizens have to contemplate moving a parent or grandparent to a center that meets their daily and healthcare care every year.

We would want to believe that most people we care for get the same standard treatment at a senior care center. However, that is often not the case. In reality, issues of elderly abuse or neglect in the US are slowly becoming a crisis.

You may feel upset and burdened if you realize that your elderly loved one has experienced any injury or harm due to elder abuse in their nursing facility. You may desire to pursue justice on behalf of your loved one and be compensated for the damages and losses resulting from them. To construct a substantive case of elder abuse, you can counsel a lawyer about your legal alternatives and rights.

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Elderly Abuse in Long Beach

Elder abuse occurs when a person or agency that is trustworthy is harming or distressing an older person. This can happen either intentionally or in the absence of the required care. These instances may be complicated and challenging to prove that abuse has occurred, particularly if older adults have an illness or any other disorder that limits their decision-making skills.

In addition to this, care and nursing institutions frequently have teams of lawyers in place that might dissuade people from claiming. Therefore, skilled elder abuse lawyers must be on your side who know the legal requirements.

Warning Signs of Elder Abuse

The most typical warning indicators of elder abuse are odd and unexpected changes to an older adult’s emotional, physical, or financial health. Based on the sort of elder abuse that affects the victim, specific evidence of elder abuse varies. Elderly abuse signs and symptoms may include:

  • An injury such as contusions, wounds, or fractured bones
  • Malnutrition or loss of weight
  • Bad hygiene
  • Anxiety, depression, or disorientation symptoms

Trust Cochran Law Firm

Cochran’s Law Firm recognizes that many of Long Beach’s elderly law matters are a significant worry. That may have been subjected to deception or fraud or physical abuse from others.

This is why our law firm integrates over years of experience in evidence, trust, and personal injury issues with a particular focus on the interests of the elderly. Cochran’s Law Firm also gives complete legal counsel to elderly clients.

If you or a beloved requires support with elderly law, including evidence, wills, and trusts or special damages, Cochran Law Firm is ready to help you. Likewise, we’ll enable you to confront this issue and seek remedy when you fear that someone you care about will be abused because they are older people.

When trusted caregivers, neighbors, relatives, friends, or financial managers exploit or unlawfully mistreat an older adult or loved person, Cochran Law Firm thinks that justice is required and is there to assist Long Beach locals in achieving it. We invite you to contact us as soon as possible so that.

We can start evaluating the situation after a free consultation. Elder abuse stops when you openly confront and report it. Call our skilled lawyers to schedule a free consultation or contact us online.



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