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Elder Abuse Lawyers in San Diego

Aging adults may require caregiver assistance or nursing facility services. Due to their vulnerability, elders might quickly become victims of caretaker abuse. You can contact Cochran Law Firm if your loved one is abused by caretakers who misuse their power or take unwarranted advantage of them. We can investigate the incident and file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for your loved one’s suffering.

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What Are the Known Primary Types of Elder Abuse?

Abusers can harm elders in a variety of ways. In some cases, looking for signs of abuse may be enough to end elder abuse. However, even tremendous monitoring cannot always prevent abusers from executing these awful crimes.

Physical marks, such as fresh bruises or broken bones, are classic symptoms of elder abuse, but behavioral changes can also manifest themselves. Here are the topmost ways in which San Diego elders are abuses. Do not hesitate to contact a relevant lawyer if you notice any of these warning signs or prove abuse.

Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is any mistreatment that causes bodily harm or distress. Methods include kicking, slapping, pinching, and burning. Fractures, bleeding, black eyes, and rope marks on the older person’s body may indicate elder abuse.

Mental and Emotional Abuse

Caregivers might cause mental or emotional harm to an elder through bullying, threats, and insulting. Abuse symptoms include withdrawal, restlessness, and non-responsive or non-communicative behavior. Other signs of fear include biting and rocking.

Sexual Abuse

This form of elder abuse occurs when an elderly citizen is forced to engage in sexual conduct. Sexual abuse also includes any sexual interaction with a person who is incapable of giving permission. Bruises around the genital organs, unexplained bleeding, and STDs are signs of sexual abuse.

Resolve your Elder Abuse Case with Cochran Law Firm

Our lawyers can help you obtain proof that the caregiver or nursing facility abused or neglected your elderly loved ones. We will use our significant legal knowledge to support your loved one’s claim.

Cochran Law Firm can settle your lawsuit through negotiation, a settlement offer, or litigation. We have handled all types of elder abuse cases in San Diego. Cochran Law Firm will use the most beneficial way for you and your loved one.

Fighting on behalf of your mistreated loved one is crucial for two reasons:

  • to ensure that they are well cared for in the long term;
  • and to help avoid similar situations from happening to others.

We accomplish the first half by obtaining total and fair compensation. Similarly, we achieve the second half by holding the abusive party liable. We also assist you in reporting any misbehavior to relevant government entities.

Elder abuse is a crime that is serious, and the victim is awarded monetary compensation for the damages. In the event of elder abuse, our lawyers can assist you in filing a claim and restoring your loved one’s sense of well-being.

Contact Cochran Law Firm today. We provide necessary free consultation to all of our esteemed clients. To learn more, give us a call or check out our website.



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