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Elder Abuse in Santa Clarita, CA

In human culture, elder abuse is one of the evilest and most terrible acts. It is a horrible crime that occurs when a loved one or close partner fails to take care of an elderly person and intentionally tries to hurt them through their behaviors and actions. A person over the age of 60 is described as an older adult. The purpose of this article is to shed light on this societal problem of elder abuse in Santa Clarita, California by analyzing two fundamental factors: physical and emotional abuse. By examining the effects of demographic characteristics such as age and gender on elders, the article spreads awareness of the relevant issue.  

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Elder Abuse in Santa Clarita is on its Peak

In the Santa Clarita Valley, cases of elder abuse are rapidly increasing. Law enforcement agencies in Santa Clarita claimed the cases of elder abuse have been on the rise in recent days, following the arrest of a 43-year-old man on suspicion of doing severe physical harm to an elderly person. According to law enforcement officials, domestic abuse incidents and domestic-related inquiries have increased since the beginning of COVID-19. Since July 17, officers have seized four people on different charges of exploitation and elder abuse. Here, we will discuss some cases of elder abuse in Santa Clarita, CA.

  • Punching an Elderly Person in Santa Clarita, CA

Shirley Miller, a representative for the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Department said, “We’ve observed increased convictions and arrests for elder abuse in the last few weeks”. Saugus, a 43 years old man was the primary suspect in a family conflict incident take place in Lapine Avenue, block 28600, in the most recent situation. According to the statement made by Miller, “A family member had allegedly hit the victim, the victim is an aged person in his eighties.”

The perpetrator supposedly punched the 80-year-old plaintiff several times, according to Miller. On responding to this incident, Paramedics and ambulances had arrived to treat the elderly person in the emergency. According to Miller, the suspect was arrested on allegations of criminal elder abuse. According to Miller, the suspect was arrested on allegations of criminal elder abuse.

Punching an Elder Person

  • Physical Abuse Case in Santa Clarita, CA 

Another incident of elder abuse occurred in the Lema Drive, Block 24200, in Valencia on Aug. 15. According to Miller, the victim was a senior citizen in his 70s, and the perpetrator was a 29-year-old boy in Valencia. The victim and perpetrator were believed to have engaged in an argument over the suspect drinking alcohol,” Miller said. “The perpetrator became physically violent with the elderly victim, beating him in the face and pushing him down.” The victim refused medical treatment after the 29-year-old perpetrator was arrested on allegations of misdemeanor elder abuse.

Physical Violence

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