Orange County, California, is no stranger to police misconduct. This area has a long history of such behavior, stretching back almost an era. Specifically, the past decade saw a significant increase in cases of police misconduct in our society. Sadly, despite significant reforms in local policies, problems involving abusive officers continue to happen.

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What Is Police Misconduct?

Officers of the law take an oath to protect the population they serve. Similarly, they promise to conduct themselves according to a specific code of behavior. Wherever an officer overreaches their authority or breaks their promise physically, psychosocially, or emotionally, this is called police misconduct.

This misconduct most often leads to the violation of the civil rights of individuals. It is also usually called “excessive force” or “abuse of power” and includes a broad range of illegal actions.

Challenging police misconduct is a difficult task. That is the reason why most people do not take it on. Accusers frequently believe that the police have all the cards and can write whatever they like and in their statements. A full investigation by a professional lawyer may disclose the misconduct and result in the dismissal of your accusation.

Why Should You Hire a Lawyer?

To begin, your lawyer may ask the court to suppress evidence collected illegally, such as forced confessions or excessive use of force during the arrest. Your lawyer may use eyewitness accounts, photo or camera footage, previous reports of wrongdoing, and an in-depth, private investigation to conceal evidence obtained through police misconduct. In some cases, this misconduct may even result in a dismissal of the charges against you.

Our staff works with clients all around Santa Ana. Our core purpose and aim are to assist you in understanding your rights and legal solutions. With our support, you can file a lawsuit to clear your name, preserve your rights, and recover any losses you may have suffered during this trying period.  This is the level of service you can expect from our firm.

False imprisonment and employment loss can arise from police misconduct, as can police brutality and serious injuries. You have the legal and constitutional right to pursue legal action regardless of the situation of your case. In any case, we give the same degree of expertise. For our ability and legal knowledge, our team has garnered various honors.

Why Should You Trust the Cochran Law Firm?

The Cochran law firm has observed how police officers can breach constitutional rights by abusing power or excessive force. Our lawyers have directly testified to police officers’ abuse and successfully repelled cops, even where they suspect being killed.

You may have justifiable cause and a valid reason to take legal action if the police have mistreated you or a loved one. So, do not worry or hesitate and get in touch with a police attorney. Call the Cochran law firm today and let us assist you with your legal choices in our office on a confidential basis. You can also contact our professional lawyers by sending us an email or via phone. Our lawyers will contact you soon after we get your request.