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In Hourly Wage Laws Employers are required to pay a minimum hourly wage, and overtime wages for hours worked in excess of 8 hours per day or 40 hours per week. Some employees are “exempt” from the overtime requirements if certain criteria are met. Employers are also required to provide employees adequate rest periods and meal breaks. The Labor Laws also provide other protections to employees. It’s also illegal for an employer to discharge an employee in retaliation for the employee’s assertion of his or her rights to fair wages, hours and conditions of employment.

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Any individual employee whose rights are violated may sue to recover damages for his or her loss. When an employer of hundreds or thousands of employees violates the labor laws with respect to their entire workforce or a sizable portion thereof, an aggrieved employee may bring a class action for the benefit of all similarly situated employees to recover all unpaid wages, penalties, interest and costs of suit.

Employers’ abusive violation of these labor laws inflicts constant and recurring injuries on workers and their families. Employers willingly violate the law because they are able to get away with it most of the time, resulting in substantial savings in the cost of doing business and lucrative profits. Individuals’ lives are devastated by the callous pursuit of profits at any cost. The Cochran Firm seeks to end Employers’ widespread, unlawful and largely unrestrained abuse of workers by endeavoring to hold Employers accountable for their violation of the wage and hours laws.



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