Human rights are constitutional protections that shield individuals from prejudice, unreasonable force, unlawful arrest, speech repression, and other violations of their freedoms. They are meant to ensure that citizens are treated equally under the law and are protected against illegal government actions. Civil rights and liberties apply to a broad range of problems, including police malfeasance, job discrimination, fair housing, the right to vote, and many others.

Civil rights defend not only our African-American community, but everyone regardless of their creed, religion, nationality, or race who has been mistreated by police violence, false convictions, injustice in the workplace, or in any other field where their rights have been infringed. In this article, we will talk about the protection of human rights and liberties under the U.S. Constitution. Additionally, we will discuss the remarkable role of civil rights attorneys in supporting the victims of police brutality in Los Angeles, CA.

Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Civil Rights Violation

Residents, immigrants, and even unlicensed immigrants or foreign visitors, all have civil rights in the United States. The Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution provide humans the right to be free from the deadly force by police departments and officers. When law enforcement officers abuse their power and deprive a citizen of his or her civil liberties, this is known as a civil rights violation.

The Fourteenth Amendment revolutionized the entire framework for policing in two ways. Firstly, it demanded states preserve basic human rights, such as life and personal liberty security. Local cops could not investigate and arrest African-Americans without probable cause. Secondly, it guarantee equal protection of the constitutional laws and demanded equal justice for all people regardless of their race and religion. The demand for an equal justice system and protection for all the people ended the discrimination and unfairness of subjecting one class of people to a standard that does not apply to another caste.

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How Cochran Firm Attorneys Hold the Law Enforcement Officers Accountable?

Our firm goes above and beyond to disclose power abuses and obtain justice on the roads and in prisons. Our renowned and talented civil rights attorneys have been working on police misconduct and prisoners’ rights matters, and we continue to stand firm against police harassment and other kinds of police brutality.

We are famous for putting together powerful plaintiff’s suits covering the following complicated matters:

  • Civilians have been assaulted and have suffered severe, long-term injuries as a result of aggressive law enforcement officers and jail guards.
  • Violence and cruelty by police officers motivated by racial profiling or any kind of discrimination.
  • Unlawful detention or custody claims, wrongful search and seizure claims, and denials of due process claims.
  • Surveillance without a warrant and other violations of privacy that violate private citizens’ constitutional and civil rights.
  • Attempts to falsify the conditions of an arrest or other proof through cover-ups and cooperation.
  • Police activities that compromise on the rights to free speech and assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment.


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