What is Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse or violence is defined as “a single or recurring behavior, or a lack of adequate response, that causes harm or discomfort to an elder individual in any relationship where trust and love exists. Elder abuse is not a new problem, but it is becoming more prominent in the United States including Inglewood, California. The population of elder people aged 65 and more keeps growing at an unusual rate, problems affecting elders and those who care for them are becoming increasingly important. In the 21st century, every state in the United States is struggling with how to fight and prosecute elder abuse and neglect. In this article, we will discuss the types of elder abuse, California EADACPA Law and the civil remedies for elder abuse, and the role of Cochran Firm Law in helping the victims of elder abuse in Inglewood, California.

What Crimes are included in Elder Abuse?

The term “Elder Abuse” covers a wide range of criminal conducts and behavior by using potential methods of violence and abuse. The most common type of elder abuse crime is Neglect. The state of California, which is highly dominant and the leading state in eliminating elder abuse, enacted a comprehensive law named “Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act” (EADACPA), providing multiple strategies and civil remedies for the victims of elder abuse. The California Elder Abuse Act covers mistreatment, abduction, neglect, isolation, physical violence, financial exploitation, abandonment, or other activities resulting in serious bodily harm, agony, or mental distress.

California’s EADACPA Act

Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act (EADACPA) plays an imperative role in providing potential remedies for elderly victims. It is a significant part of legislation that brings all the available remedies to the elder abuse victim if they file a successful lawsuit using this Act.

Elder Abuse in Inglewood, CA

In Inglewood, California, elder abuse is the most prevalent kind of crime that is committed by a trusted person or close friend for their personal benefit. Here, we will discuss an elder abuse case that occurred in Inglewood, California.

Two women of Inglewood, CA have been sentenced to imprisonment for illegally billing California’s Medicaid health care program (Medi-Cal) for drug or illegal substance counseling and healthcare fraud. An Inglewood woman along with her mother-in-law ran a South Los Angeles program name “drug-and-alcohol abuse treatment program”, were convicted to federal jail for collaborating to defraud Medi-Cal out of more than $500,000 in services to customers who did not even require substance abuse treatment or drug-abuse counseling medically and for services that were never provided. Mesbel Mohamoud, 48, was penalized to 18 months in county jail by United States District Attorney Philip S. Gutierrez, who also imprisoned Mohamoud’s mother-in-law, Erlinda Abella, 66, for one year and one day. Each woman was ordered to pay compensation of $260,101.

How Cochran Firm Law helps the Victims

Although Elder Abuse is rapidly increasing in the states of California including Inglewood, CA. If you’ve been charged for elder abuse based on false evidence and you want to file a lawsuit against the offender, Cochran Firm Law is the right place that you’re looking for. Our attorneys are willing to help you and represent your case in the federal or state court to seek justice. We handle all types of complex cases including financial abuse, neglect, physical damage, emotional distress, and sexual abuse. If you find yourself or your family member becoming a victim of elder abuse, contact us immediately for assistance.