A great majority of police cops are dedicated to providing professional and ethical public service. However, there is a proportion of dishonesty, fraud, lack of ethics, and unlawful conduct in every police department. Police Brutality occurs when police officers perform illegal activities while doing their public duties. This act of brutality may deprive citizens of their freedom as well as their constitutional rights, which can result in serious injury or physical damage. In this article, we will explore how police officers in Santa Clarita, California, violate human rights and liberty.

Police Brutality in Santa Clarita, CA

The police department of Santa Clarita, a city in California, is engaged in unlawful activities that violate the rules and standards set by the government of California. One of the most common types of police brutality is Unlawful Arrest. Here, we will discuss, how the police officers in Santa Clarita, CA, misuse their power and authority to unlawfully detain a person.

Santa Clarita Police Officers Forcefully Detained Robbery Suspect

The use of deadly force to detain a suspect based on random or false evidence is strictly prohibited by the government of California. The Santa Clarita Sheriff’s Station started an investigation on the incident after the viral video of officers forcefully detaining a robbery suspect. The Santa Clarita District Sheriff Department is launching a “use of force investigation” after a shocking video of two Santa Clarita officers grappling with a Black suspect went viral on Tuesday night. The video shows the officers dragging the man down, punching him multiple times, and ultimately throwing him in a chokehold.

The man recording the video of the incident is seated in a car across the street, says multiple times, “We have to get him out!”. He’s struggling for breath!” Another man can be heard calling 911, saying, “There are two cops on top of someone, it doesn’t look like he can breathe”. The Santa Clarita Sheriff Station posted a statement on their Facebook page in response to the video and several phone calls they got about the incident. According to the statement, the incident occurred around 6:30 p.m. near the junction of Jake’s Way and Daniel Street in the Canyon Country neighborhood.

The man in the video was clearly identified as the suspect by the mail carrier, according to SCV Sheriff’s investigators. Both the officers and the suspect got “moderate injuries,” but did not need to be hospitalized. The group had been attacked by a homeless man with a knife, according to the mother of one of the teenagers involved, and several witnesses had called the police for a rescue. When the police officers arrived at the incident’s spot, they pointed to their teenagers as several spectators said, “It wasn’t them”, and “It was the other guy!”

The parents of the engaged teenagers describe it as a “horrific incident” for their children. The SCV Sheriff Department announced an active “use of force investigation” in response to the incident that took place on Tuesday.

Civil Defense Attorneys for Heling the Victims

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