Police misconduct occurs when police officers overstep boundaries and act inappropriately while doing their public duties. In California, police misconduct is one of the major problems of citizens nowadays. Citizens might be deprived of their rights as well as suffer severe physical, mental, and spiritual harm as a result of such behavior. In Inglewood, California, excessive force by police officers against unarmed Black citizens is unethical and should be treated as a health hazard. This article will focus on police misconduct and criminal behavior in Inglewood, California.

Police Misconduct


How are Police Officers in Inglewood, CA involved in Misconduct?

The police department and officers in Inglewood, California are involved in corruption, brutality, violence, drug trafficking, and other types of misconduct. Here, we will discuss how police officers in Inglewood, CA are involved in drug trafficking and the distribution of illegal substances.

  • Drug Trafficking Crimes

A police officer from Inglewood and a secret informant have been convicted on federal drug trafficking allegations. The Department Of justice said that a federal officer was arrested on drug smuggling charges concerning two cocaine exchanges, one of which involved a kilogram of the narcotic substance. A second man was arrested when investigators found almost more than a half kilogram of cocaine and one kilogram of heroin at his home. He was formerly authorized to act as an informant for the law enforcement officer. Officer John Abel Baca, 45, of Inglewood, a 21-year old officer and a police union representative of the Inglewood Police Department was detained on October 21, just 2 days after a federal jury convicted him on two charges of cocaine trafficking.

The first transaction, as per the complaint, took place on April 29, when Baca allegedly gave cocaine to a victim who was working with law enforcement. On May 4, Baca allegedly delivered about one kilogram of cocaine to the same victim in exchange for $22,000 in cash at another encounter. Ekonomo was arrested with intent to deliver heroin in a criminal lawsuit filed against him. On Monday, November 1, Ekonomo is scheduled to appear in the United States District Court in downtown Los Angeles for his first appearance.

According to a complaint filed in support of the drug-trafficking criminal charge, Baca obtained permission for Ekonomo to work as a confidential informant five years ago, but Ekonomo did not execute any documented operations or activities after being signed up as an informant. Baca faces a five-year mandated sentence penalty and a maximum penalty of 60 years in jail if convicted of the allegations in the complaint. Ekonomo faces a 10-year mandatory minimum prison sentence and a maximum sentence of life in jail if convicted of the accusation in the lawsuit. 

How Police Misconduct can be eliminated from Inglewood, California?

Police misconduct is seriously harmful to the citizens of the state as it has detrimental effects on the well-being, security, and self-esteem of the citizens. Lack of awareness and training of the police officers boosts crimes and misconduct. Eradication of police misconduct and violence is the key factor to consider. It calls for the establishment of fair and unambiguous training standards and policies for police officers, informants, and instructors.

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