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The Police Department of Long Beach can be an extremely harsh and cruel entity. What they are doing to protect themselves against the victims of their injustices is practically unlimited. They beat, falsely arrest and prosecute their victims in a cruel manner.

If you were the unlucky and unfortunate victim of an unlawful police force, personal injury, or a car accident, Cochran’s lawyers are here to assist you most. You may feel puzzled about what to do next; it’s pretty natural. Most people don’t know about their rights or how they are entitled to defend themselves.

Don’t fight with courts, insurance companies, hospitals, and the police on your own. You should concentrate on recovery if you still suffer from stress and injuries. Cochran has fought for thousands of clients in courts throughout Long Beach and LA. It is a delight to win for our clients, and our history speaks for itself.

Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct and the United States Constitution

We can all imagine how tough, challenging, and potentially life-threatening the job of public safety is right now. The majority of police officers are known to be dedicated and honorable. However, police officers are also expected to exert considerable control over the people with whom they communicate. Because the public is at their mercy, this power opens the door to abuse.

We can all agree that police officers frequently have to use power to enforce the law. However, that does not give them unrestricted authority to use unnecessary and extreme force. Citizens in the United States are protected from excessive police misconduct under the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution.

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Excessive force and other unlawful and aggressive misconduct by police officers appear to be occurring at an alarming rate across the country. The Cochran Law Firm’s attorneys have years of experience assisting innocent victims of police brutality in obtaining justice and compensation.

  • Police harassment
  • Inappropriate taser use
  • Shootings and wrongful death
  • Prison/jail injuries or deaths
  • Searches without a warrant
  • Sexual assault or sexual misconduct with inmates
  • False arrests or unlawful stops
  • Racial profiling
  • Unnecessary use of physical force
  • Unnecessary and degrading strip searches

We help you if you feel that your civil rights are being violated and you want legal action. Our civil rights attorneys in Long Beach bring cases to justice and compensation for the injuries sustained by clients.

Whatever creed, color, or circumstance, our lawyers are here to advocate whether the case involves unjustified physical strength or psychological intimidation. Contact our law firm in Los Angeles County to learn more about your legal alternatives. A free call is only a phone call away. You can even utilize our contact form online, and we will answer you shortly.