Police Misconduct is the use of deadly force by police officers against the innocent citizens of the state. It occurs when a law enforcement officer breaches the rules and standards enforced by the police department or law enforcement bodies. Police misconduct can take many different forms, and the various sorts of police misconduct express themselves in different ways. The police officers in Torrance, California are not loyal to their duties toward the public. They are involved in illegal activities to harm the identity of the citizens. In this article, we will talk about various forms of police misconduct in Torrance, CA, and how the well-known attorneys of Cochran Firm Law support the victims of Police Misconduct in Torrance, CA.

 Police Misconduct in Torrance, CA

Types of Police Misconduct

Police Misconduct and brutality cases are rapidly increasing across all the states of California including Torrance, CA. Here, we will discuss different types of Police Misconduct and illegal activities performed by the officers during the execution of their job.

  • Physical Abuse

Physical abuse is one of the most common types of police misconduct in Torrance, California. It involves the aggressive behavior of the police officers toward the citizens and the physical assault that may cause physical harm to the citizen. Any officer of the police department must use only the minimum amount of power required to bring an end to the incident; if the police officer uses unnecessary or lethal force, he may be penalized as per the criminal justice law of California.

  • Unlawful Arrest 

Unlawful Arrest can also be referred to as false imprisonment or wrongful arrest. To make an arrest, police officers must have probable cause or proven facts to believe that a person has committed, is committing, or will commit a felony act. If an officer detains a suspect without sufficient evidence, it is considered a false arrest. An illegal arrest is also a crime that is prohibited by California’s justice law. It is against the rights and privileges of innocent citizens.

  • Unlawful Seizure
  • The United States Constitution’s Fourth Amendment safeguards citizens from unlawful searches and seizures. To search a person or property, police officers must have permission, sufficient evidence, or a warrant. Unlawful searches and seizure is also a violation of human rights which are strictly prohibited by the government.
  • Use of Lethal force 

Lethal force can be defined as the use of extreme force or unreasonable power by police officers when investigating a crime or making an arrest. This type of violence often results in serious physical harm, and even death.

  • Malicious Prosecution 

Malicious prosecution occurs when a police officer illegally deprives someone of their fundamental freedoms under the Fourteenth Amendment. To claim malicious prosecution or criminal proceeding, you must prove that the police officer started a criminal investigation, the investigation ended in your favor (i.e., no conviction), the police officer did not have proven facts or probable cause for justification, and that the investigation was carried with malice and hostility against you.

  • Sexual Assault 

Police officers may use their power to sexually harass and assault people they seize or arrest. Intoxicated women, domestic abuse victims, women involved in prostitution or trafficking, women of color, and even children are instances of victims who police officers may take advantage.

Police Misconduct in Torrance, CA

The Torrance Police Department in California is under investigation for the allegations of deadly force, racist text messages, and other misconduct. The police officers in Torrance are involved in forwarding racially-biased text messages to target brown or Latino people. As per the investigation, Torrance police officers spread violence by sending homophobic texts to downgrade and disrespect the brown people.

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