If you’re facing criminal charges or have been wronged by an insurance company, you may know you need a lawyer, yet be reluctant to contact one. There is lots of misinformation that makes people hesitant to seek legal help. You may think a lawyer will take advantage of your situation, but in reality, the corporations and insurance companies are more likely to do that. 

1. Myth: All lawyers are rich

Only a small percent of lawyers are extremely wealthy, and they generally work for very large corporations or very wealthy clients. The average lawyer salary in the U.S. is $114,300. In Portland, the median salary for an attorney is $85,000. However, an attorney’s salary can range from less than $55,000 on the low end to more than $190,000 on the high end. Your location and specialty will affect your salary. As a personal injury, criminal defense, and DUI lawyer, my chief motivation is a desire to help my clients.

2. Myth: Hiring a lawyer is always expensive


Lawyers aren’t only for the wealthy. You have rights no matter how much money you make. You may be eligible for subsidized legal aid if your income is below a certain amount, and some attorneys offer a sliding scale.

3. Myth: Lawyers are “ambulance-chasers”

Oregon has very strict rules about lawyers contacting injured people, and we take ethics regulations very seriously. We aren’t allowed to solicit an injured or vulnerable person in any way

4. Myth: The best trai…